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Come join us to this unforgettable life time experience guided by the hands of Gloria Otero


*Hotel:  suites with Continental breakfast

*Milongas: Enjoy the best Tango Dancing rooms every night

*Tango classes: Special classes designed for our group with master tango teachers

*City tour: A guide through the most intriguing places in Buenos Aires

*Dinner show: Enjoy the most delicious Argentine cuisine, with a spectacular Tango show

*Estancia: An exciting excursion to an authentic Gaucho ranch in the country side of Buenos Aires.

* Shopping: We will guide you to the best places to buy clothes and shoes

*Private bus: A private bus for the group is provided during the entire tour for your convenience.

*In-house money exchange services

*Airfare: from LAX to Buenos Aires 


If you are interested in the tour please email Gloria to receive detail information about the next available tour


A world heritage site and one of the new 7 Wonders of Nature, Iguazu Falls is one of the most breathtaking sights to behold. With over 250 waterfalls surrounded by the tropical jungle of Argentina, one can't get much closer to nature in all her glory.
One of the most popular destinations in South America, travelers will marvel as colorful parrots fly overhead and chatter away in the nearby trees of this jungle oasis. The Argentine side of Iguazu Falls is where you will get up close and personal with the falls, and you can actually feel the refreshing mist off of the towering 80 meter Garganta del Diablo waterfall. 
The Iguazu falls are larger than Niagara and even wider as it has a span of falls throughout the area. The Let's compare! The atmosphere at Niagara is of a tourist town while the Iguazu Falls is more of a national park.


  • Round trip airfare from Buenos Aires/Iguazu

  • Airport pick up and drop off

  • Hotel with continental breakfast

  • Guided tour to the Iguazy falls, includes transportation and entrance to the park.

  • Catamaran ride 

  • City Tour

  • Guira Oga (Wild bird sanctuary)

  • Aripuca (Structures made of giant trees)

Most frequent questions 

Q- What is included in my tour?

A- Round trip airfare. Airport pick up and drop off. Hotel suits with continental breakfast situated in the heart of Buenos Aires, City tour to the most intriguing places in Buenos Aires with a private bus. Private Tango classes for our group. A day at the Estancia (Gaucho Ranch) with lunch included. Tango Dinner show. Milonga clubs entrances every night.  Lunch and Dinner are not included.  


Q- Do US citizens need a visa to visit Argentina?

A- All US citizens must have a US passport book valid for at least six months to enter Argentina with one blank page for a visa stamp. No tourist visa applications are required to be submitted for stays shorter than 90 days. Fortunately, immigration no longer charges a $160 reciprocity fee.


Q-Do I Need Vaccines for Argentina?

A-Vaccines are not required to enter Argentina. The recommended vaccination for travelers visiting Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls are:
Hepatitis A: Recommended for all travelers
Typhoid: For travelers who may eat or drink outside major restaurants and hotels
Yellow fever: Recommended for the northern and northeastern forested areas of Argentina 


Q- What is the weather like?

A- From September to December it is spring time in Argentina – the best time of the year to visit. Expect warm and humid weather; bring summer clothes and something warmer for the night time.


Q- How should I dress?

A- During the day, we will visit the city, the countryside and take classes, so dress in comfortable, casual clothes. Dress to impress at night at the Milongas and the dinner show.


Q- What currency is used in Argentina?

A- The current Argentinean money is pesos. The dollar value varies by the day.  Please research in the internet close to the day of departure to get a more accurate estimate.


Q -How do I exchange my money, is there ATM’s available?

A- As soon as you arrive at the airport, we will provide an in-house money exchange services for your convenience.  ATM machines are available in any bank in the city and an international fee will apply.


Q- Can I purchase items or food with Credit card or dollars in Argentina?

A- Many places will accept credit cards and dollars. It is best to have pesos with you just in case those are not available.


Q- Will my hair dryer/straightener and electronics work in Argentina?

A- Argentina uses higher voltage than United States. Your electric devices from United States will be expecting 120 Volts, but Argentina grid is of 220 Volts, this is a substantial difference.

Many devices will switch automatically to the network voltage and they will work just fine, i.e. mobile phone chargers are typically multi-voltage (but please, do actually check your own). There will be a hair dryer at the hotel.  You will also find many inexpensive hair salons nearby and to style your hair every day.


Tango Etiquette at the Milongas (los códigos):

The Invitation to Dance:  The cabeceo is the prescribed method of dance invitation in Milongas in Buenos Aires. The cabeceo consists of making direct eye contact with a potential dance partner from a distance (at an assigned table), followed by first the man and then the woman nodding their heads to indicate agreement to dance. After achieving consent to dance, the man approaches the woman’s table. The cabeceo may be used at any time during the tanda, but it is most commonly used at the beginning of the tanda, when the floor is clear and lines of sight are least obstructed. The cabeceo is not used during the cortina. The cabeceo provides both men and women with the power to make their own decisions regarding with whom they wish to dance and, in theory, all couples dancing together are there by mutual agreement to dance. Never walk across the dance floor while people are dancing. When you get up to meet your dance partner, move to the outside edge of the dance floor. It is important to be mindful of those already dancing.

How many songs do I dance with my partner? Argentine tango is danced in sets of songs, known as a “tanda.” A tanda is a set of three to four songs of one type of music- either tango, vals or milonga. If you accept a dance, you are expected to finish all of the songs with that partner. “Breaking the tanda” is viewed as incredibly rude, and it should not be done. Dancing two or more tandas with the same person is usually not done. It implies interest in your partner, and is seen as a flirtatious act.


When the Dance Floor Becomes Crowded: It is important to adapt your movements to the size of the crowd dancing. In a crowded social setting, the follower's feet should largely remain on the floor in order to avoid hitting anyone. Minimize large sweeping steps to avoid possibly hit another couple.


Know that Argentineans like to greet people with a kiss in the cheek. Here are some more  DON’Ts and DO’s complete guide

Buenos Aires 

Schedule subject to change



Departure from Los Angeles. We meet at the gate before departure with the group



Arrival to Buenos Aires, Ezeiza Airport.  

City tour: Recoleta (Cemetery - Evita´s grave, arts and craft fair) Alvear Avenue (An elegant section of the city), Plaza San Martin.

Check in at the hotel

Milonga el Beso (Class, food and dancing)


City Tour: San Telmo historic flea market where Tango is danced on the streets, La Boca, Caminito, Plaza de Mayo
Milonga La Viruta.


Private Tango class for our group.

La Milonga de Lucy (Experience an afternoon Milonga)


Estancia. An existing ½ day in a Ranch with authentic "Gauchos". Enjoy a tango and folklore show. Traditional Argentine barbeque lunch included.

Milonga Canning.


City tour: a travel to the most intriguing places in Buenos Aires: Obelisk, Evita’s museum and Palermo.

Milonga Porteño y Bailarín (Class, food, show and dancing)


Private Tango class for our group.

La Ventana. Tango Dinner-Show.


Open day. Optional suggested activities: shopping, resting, private tango class, massage.

Milonga Yira-Yira.


Departure to airport, farewell lunch at Puerto Madero, Costanera Sur.


Arrive to Los Angeles

Iguazu Falls


Departure from Buenos Aires Airport to Puerto Iguazu 

Ground transportation and check in at the Hotel 

Optional walk through the City Center



Full day excursion to Cataratas (Waterfalls). Includes transportation and entrance to the park.

Optional: adventure drafting in inflatables at Pie de los Saltos.



Free morning

2 hours Catamaran ride



City Tour

(conjunction of the three borders of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay

Guira Oga (Wild bird sanctuary)

Aripuca (Structures made of giant trees)



Departure from Iguazu Airport to BS. AS 

Departure from Ezeiza Airport to LAX


Arrive to LAX 



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