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Become a Certified Reiki Kids Teacher

Welcome to the magical world of teaching Reiki to children


It is natural and easy for kids to learn Reiki since they naturally possess an awareness of healing energy.

There are many special and gifted children on earth today who are here to illuminate the path towards the shift to the next phase for the trajectory of humanity.

As Reiki kids’ teachers, we are tasked with the mission to guide these children to discover their life purpose and unlock tools to actualize it. We are here to help them embody their infinite potential in ways that are healthy and positive for their physical and emotional wellbeing.

Today, many children are born with natural abilities such as utilizing energy, healing, communicating telepathically, and connect with Mother Earth. Child psychologists and researchers have shown that before the age of 7, children are extremely aware of energy and “conscious” even if their parents or social structures negate their connection to ‘All That Is’. 



During this class you will learn how to use art, movement, and hands on projects to teach Reiki to children. These interactive methods allows the kids to absorb the material in a fun and easy way. 

The children will learn:

•The history of Reiki

•How to use their hands to scan for energy and vitality

•The chakra system

•How to practice self-Reiki

•How to live a healthy and balanced life 

•How to give Reiki energy to anyone; including other children, adults, pets and plants.

On the second level you will teach the kids how to send distant energy healing to places/people, how to use crystals and their energy, and how to perform sound healing

the kids how to send distant energy healing to places and people, the use of crystals and how to perform sound healing.

Reiki is the most amazing gift you can give a child and it will last a lifetime

The calming practice of Reiki promotes relaxation and confidence. Children are able to unplug and get the time they need and deserve to tap into the Universal Life Energy.

Children benefit from learning Reiki on many levels:

Teaches children to be more confident, peaceful and happier in life

Reiki guides children to their highest potential

Eases children through the stresses of life’s situations

Enhances their interpersonal relationships

They learn to trust their abilities and intuition

Reduces stress & anxiety

Boosts their immune system

Enhances relaxation and sleep

Improves concentration

Promotes creativity

About this class

You must be a Reiki level III to take this course

Available in person or virtually from the comfort of your home
The class can be conducted in English or Spanish

You will receive a Reiki manual for you to read and a Reiki manual to provide to the children

Certificate of completion​

Dates: In person group class TBC

Private class in person or via Zoom: Please contact Gloria to schedule your appointment

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