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 Learn the Skills to Perform Sound Therapy & Sound Bath 

Embark on a transformative journey by enrolling in our Sound Healing Therapy class, where you'll gain profound insights and practical expertise in the art of using sound for healing and holistic well-being.



Sound Healing Therapy Class Description

Sound healing therapy utilizes various elements of music to enhance physical and emotional well-being. Through this comprehensive sound healing training class, participants will acquire the skills to employ diverse instruments for promoting self-healing among clients, groups, or for personal spiritual growth.

Your Journey, Your Way

Embrace this course in a format that suits you best. Choose between private or group sessions, whether in-person or online. And for seamless understanding, learn in either English or Spanish. Your path to unlocking wisdom has never been more tailored to your needs.

In this class, you will learn

  • Various sound healing meditation instruments to foster proficiency in practicing sound therapy and conducting sound baths.

  • How to integrate sound healing into any modality you use with clients or for your personal spiritual journey.

  • Theoretical foundations, scientific principles, and the advantages of Sound Healing.

  • The concepts of Vibrations and Frequencies.

  • Different forms of Sound Healing Therapies.

  • Techniques for harmonizing the Chakra system using Crystal and Tibetan bowls.

  • Appropriate usage of diverse instruments such as crystal bowls, drums, gongs, chimes, and more.

  • Design and construction of a sound bath and meditation setup that truly inspires.

  • The physics and acoustics of sound, along with harnessing the distinct resonance of each workspace.

  • Group and private session facilitation, encompassing the energetic aspects of 'holding space' and cultivating equilibrium within the environment.

  • Guidance on identifying instruments resonating with your energy and practice.

  • And much more!


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