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Tango, Gauchos
Latin Show

This stunning show features world renowned international artists in a full display of music, color, energy and passion.

The Rhythm & Passion show is the only one of its kind, taking audiences on a journey through time with a multitude of genres ranging from the sizzling Afro-Cuban rhythms of the Salsa, the sensuous Tango, and the explosive Gauchos.

The international cast performs before a backdrop of exquisite period scenery,

re-creating the settings where these passionate and sensual dances were born to the evolution of the modern interpretation of them.


The show includes elaborate props and scenery, eye-catching costumes, special effects, variety of dances, singing, live music, numbers including audience participation and comedy that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

Rhythm and Passion show has been recognized and embraced in extensive tours in numerous prestigious theaters.  Received standing ovations in places around the world like Germany, Italy, France, Japan, China, Mexico, The Caribbean, Latin America and all across the USA


Theater shows 

We are thrilled to present our unique Latin show and to be part of cultural enrichment and a new kind of entertainment. Featuring world renowned international artists in a full display of music, color, energy, rhythm and passion. Everywhere the show is presented the result is a full house with a standing ovation. The show can be modified to fit theater space, budget and style preference. A two hours theater production with a 15 to 20 minutes intermission can be arranged.

The show includes elaborate props, eye-catching costumes, special effects, variety of dance numbers including audience participation and comedy that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats. 

Act I: We lure the audience back in time to the origins of tango in the seedy bars of 1920's Buenos Aires, where the outcasts of society struggle with love, betrayal, joy and conflict. 
Then to the streets and nightclubs of 1950's Caribbean, to experience the vibrant celebration of love and life that is salsa.

The final destination bringing them to the Argentine countryside of the late 1800s, where the gauchos sing and dance amidst danger and conflict. 

Act II: The second act shows the audience the contemporary interpretations of the dances with superb lighting and special effects


Private and corporate events

We can accommodate any size venue you have in mind offering you a variety of choices to accommodate your needs and budget for your special event.


Professional Dancers: The best international renowned dancers with the amazing combination of the passionate Tango, the hot rhythms of the Salsa and the Explosive gauchos (mostly presented in places like Cirque Du Soleil and Las Vegas)

The show includes eye-catching costumes and a variety of dance numbers including audience participation and comedy.


Choreographers: Professional choreography services for movies, weddings and much, much more.


Dance Teachers: We can arrange a dance class of your choice in a very fun and easy way to entertain your customers. Transform your guests from passive onlookers to active participants with interactive lessons learning the hottest moves.


Singers and musicians:  To be included in the show as part of live music or during dinner or cocktail hours.

School outreach

Enjoy a maximum cultural experience with a very spectacular show designed for students that is very interesting, exciting, interactive and suitable for all ages. See the culture come to life as your students take an introspective journey to the Latin nations and witness a dazzling display of traditional and contemporary dances, costumes and music.

The show include:

  • Spectacular Tango, Gauchos and Salsa show

  • Interactive lecture with Q&A session

  • History of the dances

  • Students are  invited to dance onstage to participate alongside our featured international artists

  • Photo opportunities with the performers

The presentation can also be tailored to meet your individual needs. We provide an authentic, multicultural experience your students will never forget.


Dance workshop: Our dancers are also master teachers. We can arrange a dance class of your choice or combination.  The class can be modify to be very fun and easy for beginners or a more technical class for advance dancers or dance majors.

Some Reviews from the audience and presenters

" This was one of the best shows we have seen. The dancers were superb. Highly entertaining" Angie Cardenas


"Beautiful Spectacular, amazing l will recommend to everybody" Mike from La Mirada, Ca

"Fantastic performance! A must see if comes around again!"  Phill Lowers

"Excellent show.  Lots of variety made it more entertaining, enjoyable and exciting. A much better show than the one I saw in Argentina. I teach dance so know the quality of the dancing was a 10+. Everyone in my group agreed. I recommend this show to everyone dancers and non-dancers" Norma Faith Rockman

"Unreal the best dance show will pay to see again over and over. You received so Much show and talent for the money it was unreal. Packed with entertainment and more Passion than the law allows… The quality of the dancing blew me away"  Rebecca Calahan

'I was in the audience in the performance of this spectacular show. I have traveled the world over, visiting the cities of Madrid, Seville, Barcelona, Havana and other cities steeped in the culture of Spain and Argentina. Never have I had the thrill of a performance comparable to that of  this dancers and entertainers. I was awestruck by the precision, the elegance and sophistication of each and every one of the performers"  Bill Miller                                                                           


"The Artists were very congenial and cooperative. The audiences have a wonderful reaction to the show. We were very pleased with the performance. Beautiful Costumes, very Creative, very much Dancing with the stars kind of show" Shuter Theatre NM

"A fantastic show to start our season, everyone love it! The dancers were very friendly and the show was fabulous. The show ended with a standing ovation from the audience"   Goodman Auditorium VI

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