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Books of knowledge. What to read?

Here is a list of some recommendations of my favorite books

The ancient secret of the of the flower of life by Drunvalo Melchizerek

An older book everybody must read is

Galactic Symbols from the 9th Dimension by Krista Raisa

Will help you to activate sacred symbols

El yo interior por David Topi

En español, super bueno para entender todo.

The three waves of Volunteers by Dolores Cannon

Help you understand all about the volunteers that come to help Earth

How to read the Akashic records by Linda Howe

Very good book to learn about what the Akashic records are and how to access them.

Jesus and the Essenes and they walked with Jesus by Dolores Cannon

To read about the Past life of the teacher of Jesus.

Healing with the angels and Angels Dream by Doreen Virtue

Please let me know if you need any additional information about this or other topics

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