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Sacred Women's Circle

Healing the womb and rebirthing unconditional love

A profoundly transformational experience, a beautiful way to find your way back to your sacred power as a woman.

Find your power and your voice; the warrior goddess in you. You will release in this safe space what no longer serves you and reconnect with your higher self.

The Womb space can function like an emotional cluttered drawer. This is where we often store energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, emotional memories, and trauma. These imprints can stay buried in our subconscious, creating energetic blocks in our womb space. The Womb Space is also our powerhouse for wisdom and creativity. It is where we birth new life, new ideas, new projects, new business, new intentions, or perhaps a new way of living.

In this workshop, you will experience:

Finding your divine feminine energy, sensuality and self-love

Drum circle to connect to Mother Earth

Healing your body, mind, and soul

Dance of the chakras

Reflecting journaling

Womb healing

Breath work

Sound bath




Saturday June 11th in the City of Glendora

The Sol Center // 1340 E Route 66 #107 Glendora CA 91773
Contact Ruth Robles (909) 667-9228 or

Saturday June 11th in the City of Santa Clarita 

4:00PM - 6:00PM

Hot For Yoga 24366 Walnut St, Santa Clarita, CA 91321

to sign up click here 

In Spanish (En español) Junio 10,11,12 en Angelus Oaks (Cerca de Big Bear)

Warrior Goddess workshop. Taller para mujeres

Retiro transformador de 3 dias 

Estaremos ofreciendo este mágico fin de semana en las montañas de Angelus Oaks (cerca de Big Bear) California, rodeada de la naturaleza. Una experiencia profundamente transformadora, una hermosa manera de encontrar el camino de regreso a tu poder sagrado como mujer. Encuentra tu poder y tu voz; la diosa guerrera en ti. Liberarás en este espacio seguro lo que ya no te sirve y te reconectarás con tu yo superior.

Te guiaremos a encontrar tu divina energía femenina, sensualidad y amor propio.

El workshop incluye comida casera y estadia

Para inscribirte llama al 818-310-1600



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