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Thank you so much for the enlightening session! I learned so much about myself and past lives, and I feel like I healed a lot of past traumas. I feel much more positive now and I finally feel like happiness is tangible for me.


Gloria is a very special person. She is a unique mentor who can understand and guide you offering the tools you need for that specific moment in your life. I'm glad to have her in my life, she helped me in my awakening to spiritual life, her reiki trainings are in a group but individualized, she can tell you how to apply it based on your mission and she makes sure she is available to keep helping you during your practice.
Thank you Gloria :)

Paula Rocello

I can honestly say, it's possible to write an entire book on all the ways Gloria has helped to set me on the right path... But I feel I can sum it up in one line:

Without Gloria's guidance, I'd feel lost and without a purpose...

DJ Gilbert

It was a pleasure and honor to meet you today. Thank you for giving me so much awakening light and compassion during the session. It will be a turning point for me.


Since my daughter and I have been attending classes, I've seen such a growth within my daughter. She's always been a happy, loving, and caring child, but with Gloria's guidance and knowledge in many different areas, my daughter is finding a confidence in a part of her that had not previously shined. I'm finding that I'm becoming a more patient mother and we both look forward to these classes.

Carrie Celaya

Gloria is very insightful and it's evident that she truly cares about helping the children in her classes learn as much as possible, while still enjoying themselves and having fun with their classmates. She provides ample opportunities for the children to really get hands-on with what they are learning in every class

The Petet family

I am so grateful to have you in my life. I'm thrilled and humbled to have your guidance and mentorship , and I'm so unbelievably grateful that we meet each other, and for everything that you've done for me

Isabella Zepeda

Thank you so much for your class. I really loved it, and you are such a gracious teacher. I gained a lot of insight and appreciate you!

Cassie Lee

Classes by Gloria Otero are supremely designed. The emphasis is about understanding the learning styles and interests of each child for the purpose of promoting their growth in the areas of their interests and talents. Each class embarks on the spiritual side with yoga and meditation to help kids focus and stay alert. An amazing experience for all children!

Isabel Folgado


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