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 Learn the Skills to Perform Sound Therapy & Sound Bath 


Sound healing therapy uses aspects of music to improve physical and emotional health and well-being.Through this sound healing training class, practitioners will learn how to use different instruments to stimulate self-healing in clients, groups or just for personal spiritual healing journey.


In this class you will learn:

Different sound healing meditation instruments to help you develop the skills to practice sound therapy and perform a sound bath

How to incorporate sound healing to any modality that you use with clients or for your personal spiritual journey

The theory, the science and the benefits of Sound Healing

What are Vibrations and Frequencies

Different types of Sound Healing Therapies

How to balance the Chakra system with Crystal and Tibetan bowls

How to use correctly different types of instruments like crystal bowls, drums, gongs, chimes and more

How to design and build a sound bath and meditation set-up that truly inspires you

The physics and acoustics of sound and tapping into the unique resonance of each space you work in

How to conduct group and private sessions including the energetics behind how to ‘hold space’ and bring a state of equilibrium into the field for all

You will be guided of what instrument are in resonance with your energy and your practice

And more!

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